Active Projects

Gardening in XR

Current Team: Teja Maddali

The long term objective of this project is to understanding how to design technology for sharing embodied skills between generations. We are currently studying this topic in the context of gardening, an activity practised by an estimated 42 million US households for a variety of economic, social, and health motivations across age groups.

Pubs: CHI’20

Technology and Dementia

Current Team: Emma Dixon, Jesse Anderson

The goal of this project is to design and develop technologies with and for people with dementia that are enjoyable, relevant, and accessible. We are conducting interviews, observations, focus groups, usability tests, and co-design workshops to understand and define what future technologies should look like to support those living with dementia, with a particular focus on meaningful activities.

This work is funded, in part, by grant 90REGE0008, U.S. Admin. for Community Living, NIDILRR, Dept. of Health & Human Services.

Pubs: CHI ‘19, CSCW ‘19, CHI ‘20, Assets ‘20

Voice Technologies to Support Aging in Place

Current Team: Alisha Pradhan, Shaan Chopra, James Gallier, Katie Siek, Ben Jelen

Older adults are increasingly adopting commercially available smart speakers like Amazon Echo or Google Home. By understanding older individuals’ current usage, perceptions, and preferences around such technologies, this work explores how voice technologies are currently perceived, and how they can be customized to better support aging in place.

This work is funded in part by the National Science Foundation under award #1816145.

Pubs: CSCW ‘19, TOCHI ‘19

Past Projects